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Hurricane Ian Resources
Hurricane Ian is expected to continue to intensify as it approaches landfall. Forecasts are still fluid as it approaches the U.S., and we are currently monitoring all of Florida, Southeast Georgia, and Eastern Alabama. As you make preparations at your hotel, we want to remind you of the resources and support available to you now and in the days ahead.

Our first concern is for your safety and that of your guests. In addition, we would like to remind you of laws governing businesses during natural disasters and other events, and provide you with resources that you may need to employ through this period.
Report Changes in Hotel Status
Please contact your Area Director/Area Manager to assist you with any potential Hotel Closure requests and/or Media Relations needs.
Our Choice Cares team is also available to assist you 24/7. 
The Choice Cares team maintains status logs for hotels in and near the impacted areas, and may proactively call your hotel if we believe there to be damage or hazardous conditions near you. 
Update Emergency Contact Information
To help us reach you should the need arise, please ensure that your hotel's emergency contact information is up-to-date. If you need to update this information, please contact your Area Director/Area Manager.
Manual Operations
We also encourage you to:
Download the choiceADVANTAGE Manual Operations Guide
This guide provides you with instructions on how to operate your front desk should you lose connectivity.
Print a hard copy of this manual for use if needed.
You can also access the guide and emergency reports from the interface computer at your hotel. Look for the folders named "Emergency Reports" and "Manual Operations Guide" on the computer's desktop.
Additional Resources
Visit for a detailed list of the resources available from Choice to assist you during any emergency situation. Resources include:
Hurricane Preparation Guide
Hurricane Preparedness Video on ChoiceU
Guide to handling any media inquiries
Best practices
Information on the Emergency Lodging Assistance program
Links to the government support agencies
State and Local Laws
Finally, please remember that most states have laws governing prices and rates that can be charged before, during and after events like this. We remind you to be sensible and follow all local and state laws in your rate practices. Visit your state’s websites to learn more about the laws governing you.

Your Area Directors, Choice Cares, External Communications teams and others will be monitoring the situation in the coming days. Please contact your Area Director/Area Manager should you need assistance or have any questions.
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