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Merchant Acquirer Annual Compliance Penalty to be Charged in December 2023
Act Now to Avoid the Fee

To date, our records indicate that your hotel has not taken the steps to implement the Merchant Acquirer Initiative (MAI) requirement. You can avoid the annual penalty by signing a contract with an MAI acquirer by November 17, 2023. Follow the MAI-Getting Started process to select and contract with a qualified MAI acquirer.

In 2019, we updated our brand standards when we launched the Merchant Acquirer Initiative (MAI) for all U.S. hotels. Beginning in 2021, Choice Hotels instituted an annual $1,000 compliance penalty for hotels that continue to remain non-compliant. The compliance penalty is charged each December.

The MAI program leverages the purchasing power of the Choice system to negotiate the program’s beneficial pricing and support, simplifying payment processing while delivering operational savings through three merchant acquirers. Each MAI acquirer offers highly competitive, industry-leading rates for Choice brand hotels. MAI also improves payment processing and delivery of EMV-related services.

With a high adoption rate, franchisees across the system have reported an estimated annual savings on service costs to process credit card payments between $1,000 - $8,000*, based on pre-COVID business volumes and before one-time costs to change acquirers.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. 

*Individual results may vary.
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