If you’re looking for MailChimp, this ain’t it.

This is for professionals.

Serious Email is a power tool for the serious studio.

Now you can develop, manage assets and lists, create users and groups, test, and even send from one centralized location. Build your own templates to convey your brand’s unique message using a familiar HTML workspace. No more squeezing into a generic template, learning some proprietary language, or searching through old folders to find missing logos, images, or graphics. Everything your team needs to produce your email campaigns is here.

Welcome to Serious Email. Created by marketers for marketers. It’s the most efficient email development platform – ever.

Improve your workflow.
Or don’t.

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Did we mention that there is no faster way to get email done? You may need to start thinking about a hobby.

Special Sauce

  • User Monitoring

    Part of maintaining your brand is keeping an eye on user activity. We make it easy to do that.

  • Template Generator

    Don't just make an email. Make a freakin' template!

  • Serious Team Management

    Unlimited users - each with their own personal ESP - each with permissions you control.

  • Serious Search and Replace

    Update 10,000 templates in a second. Yep.

  • Hyper Cloning

    Generate 1,000 customized templates in a heartbeat. If that scares you, we'll let you keep doing them one by one.

  • Serious Client Management

    This is a means to separate your brands or clients and yet keep control of everything.

  • Code Editor

    Designed to blow through onerous chores and make developer's happy. Smart.

Development Essentials

  • Personalization

    If you've got the data, you can include it in the email.

  • Works Well with Others

    Build and manage with us. Send with them if you want.

  • Send

    Leverage the power of AWS or Sparkpost. Your choice.

  • Scheduling

    Set it and forget it.

  • Responsive Emails


  • Cloud Services

    All your work, any where, any time. Backed-up.

  • Visual Editor (WYSIWG)

    No HTML experience necessary and total brand control.

  • HTML Testing

    Every tool you need to troubleshoot and ensure excellence.

Management Tools

  • Campaign Snapshots

    Information fast. We need it. We know you do too.

  • Analytics

    Every detail you need to know - and then some.

  • Asset Management

    No need to worry where that image is that you used two years ago. It's right here.

  • Campaign Management

    Unlimited campaigns. Unlimited clients. Become a hyper organized, HTML email mega machine.

  • A/B Testing

    Yep. We got that.