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White Glove Email Service

Let us take care of design, coding, sending and reporting*. Your ESP or Ours.


This is GREAT! Thank you all so much for helping with these emails!

Deborah H.

Senior Manager, Marketing

We've been doing emails a long time and this was the smoothest send we've ever done. Thank you.

Suzanne K.

Program Manager, Marketing

Kurt's been really helpful. The turnaround time is always excellent and quality too.

James B.

VP of Sales

Your New Ally in Email Marketing

Serious Email has one of the easiest, most flexible tools for HTML email development in the business – totally DIY, but we see that many of our clients are already stretched thin and are better utilized focusing less on the details of email marketing and more on the big picture.

Serious Email is excited to announce “White Glove Email Service.” This means you can engage us, for a very reasonable cost, to help you with your email. We’re happy to take on any aspect of Email Development – from design to code to sending to analytics – and we don’t require you even use our platform to send.

Success Without the Stress

We are Experts.  Over the years, we have created and sent millions of emails. You’ve probably even been the lucky recipient of one our emails! We do this stuff all day every day. So, for us we can fly through challenges that might make other’s hearts race maybe just a little too fast.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Full HTML email development (Design, Coding, Sending) or à la carte – we’re flexible!
  • Your email guaranteed to look as you intended in all major email clients including older versions of Outlook
  • Mobile / Desktop – HTML is always responsive
  • Top notch reporting* and analysis
  • We’ll work with your ESP or Serious Email. Happy to help regardless of where you send from.
  • Expert guidance on everything from strategy, timing, design, code, DNS and Spam issues.
  • Your email guaranteed to look as you intended in all major email clients
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • 24 hour response time available

You can literally just send us content and a list and we’ll take it from there – you can just kick back** and take all the credit.

You’re committed and invested in email marketing, but have a ton of other stuff to do. Let us save you time and maximize your email’s value.

Let us help.

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*When sent from Serious Email.

**Ok, we know you probably can’t totally kick-back because you have a ton of other stuff to do, but maybe just a little?

We can send from serious email or are happy to use your own email service provider as well.

Some of the ESPs we work with:

Make HTML Emails Easier and Better

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