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  • Developing HTML Email is a Pain in the A$$

    We’ve all heard the latest email marketing stats.

      • Email marketing drives more conversions.
      • Email messages are five times more likely to be seen than a Facebook post.
      • 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipients inbox.
      • Personalized email deliver six times higher transaction rates.
      • Email marketing is more cost-effective than others forms of marketing.

    Yeah, we know, but…

      Email development has been a agency time suck. The process can tie up team members for days.
      First design, then program, then upload, then setup a test list, then test, then revise, then upload again, oops….forgot a graphic, upload the missing graphic, then test again, oops…forgot to setup the test list again, setup test list, test again, then get it approved, then upload the target list. Wait…has there ever been an email sent out without a last minute change? Start the download/upload process once again.

    That “simple email” turns out to be anything but simple. Ugh, we’re with you. There has to be a better way.

    We looked. There wasn’t one that focused on the development process, so we created one.

    We call it Serious Email.

    Now you can develop, manage assets and lists, create users and groups, test, and even send from one centralized location. It’s a power tool for developers.

    Working smarter(er).

    Build your own templates to convey your brand’s unique message using a familiar HTML workspace. No more squeezing into a generic template, learning some proprietary language, or searching through old folders to find missing logos, images, or graphics.

    Easily setup users and groups, assign clients and content access, upload subscriber lists, logos, and images, and manage and track client campaigns. Everything your team needs to produce your email campaigns is here.

    Clone existing email templates to produce a new ready-to-edit template with one click.

    The visual editor allows those on the team that aren’t all that HTML savvy to make edits with a click and replace functionality. “Quick edits” and “easy revisions” now really are!

    Your agency can become up to 80% more efficient developing emails.

    Keep your brand message consistent by creating brand approved content that the whole sales team can personalize and send to their own lists by setting up users and groups.

    Need Data? Reports detailing open, click and bounce rates, unsubscribes, interactions, and more are easily generated.

    Email communications with your customers is an essential part of your brand’s marketing strategy. And now, finally, it’s even easier to develop.

    Serious Email – the most efficient email development platform…ever.