Serious Email Professional HTML Templates Now Free

Long ago, before such a thing as Serious Email existed, we too used to search for HTML email templates. A quick search appeared to provide many promising links, but alas, most lead to disappointment.

Not any more.

We no longer search because everything we need is right here, but apparently, you’re not as lucky as us and haven’t yet discovered Serious Email. Someday, you really do need to try it, but meanwhile, Serious Email HTML templates are now free for you to download.

These 6 templates are:

  • Easy to customize
  • Responsive
  • Modern
  • Display as intended in any email client you can think of – on any platform

We are also including completely responsive modules of code that you will find useful in constructing your own bulletproof HTML email template. The modules include the following:

  • 3-column responsive
  • 2-column responsive
  • 2-column alternating responsive
  • Horizontal Rule
  • HTML only spacer
  • Feature Image responsive

They are a great start for any one tasked with making the perfect HTML email.

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