Keeping the Team on Message

You and your team have spent weeks, months and even years planning, testing, and perfecting your brand’s unique messaging. Late nights, weekends, and holidays making sure everything that comes from your brand is in the same voice. You’ve worked hard to fine-tune the words and messages that you want your customers, prospects, and investors to associate with your brand. You have the ability to see where the market is going and know what messages will work best now to get you where you need to go.

Then, you find that someone on your sales team has been winging it. Sending messages that they feel will help close the sale more quickly.

Now you can control exactly what your team is sending out.

As the Group Admin you will have the ability to maintain permissions for each user in your group. There are a wide range of permissions you can assign to change what your users can do and see. For instance, you may want to prevent some users from editing code. Or you may want to prevent image uploads. There are all kinds of needs for customization and Serious Email gives you many choices.

To learn more about how you can keep your message consistent, go to How to Edit User Permissions in the Help section.