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Admin: how to add a group

If your account allows for additional groups, it's easy to add them. Groups are extremely useful if you represent different brands or clients. Essentially, each Group is a unique instance of Serious Email. However, it's not completely isolated. You can share certain things across groups that make things extra convienient in addition to giving you very powerful controls over who sees what and what they can do.

  1. Go to Admin->Groups

    The Images Manager is here: Groups
  2. Click the

    This will open a modal window. Note: you won't see this button if you've exceeded the number of Groups allowed for your account.
  3. Name it

    Simple enough.
  4. Click "Create Group"

    A group will be created.
  5. Next...

    Now you have a new group. When you refresh the page, your navigation at the top right, will include a link to the new group. You can now also add the Group to any users who you want so share the Group with.