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Admin: how to add a user

If your account allows for additional users, it's easy to add them. You have very granular control over what the user's experience will be like. You may want some of your users to just be able to send an email and not touch anything else. Or, you may want your accountant to just see subscription related information. You may want a user to access one Group, but not another. It's up to you.

  1. Go to Admin->Users

    This is located here: Users
  2. Click the

    This will open a modal window. Note: you won't see this button if your account does not include additional users.
  3. Input User Information

    In addition to basic information, you can control the experience of the user you are creating by setting their Access Settings. Click the following link for more information: User Access Permsions.
  4. Enter User Name

    The User name may be used for login purposes. The user's email address may also be used in the login process.
  5. Enter Display Name

    The Display name is used by the UI.
  6. Enter Email

    The Email is used by the UI for login and to share information via email.
  7. Enter New user

    Currently not required.
  8. Enter Locale

    The Locale may impact event dates and times - such as send times.
  9. Enter Groups

    If your account allows for multiple groups you can choose to give the user access to them (or not). The Primary Group is, by default set to the current Group you are in, but can be changed to another Group the user belongs to. The Primary Group is the Group the user first sees when they first login.
  10. Select Send Invitation

    If you check this box, the user will get an email notification that their account has been created. It will include a link to create a password and login. Optionally, you can generate this same email later by clicking "Reset password".