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Campaigns: how to edit campaign settings

Campaign Settings include default subscriber lists, from name and from address. Setting these up are essential to API users and Test Sends. Editing Campaign Settings is easy.

  1. Go to your Campaigns Manager

    This is located here: Campaigns Manager
  2. Locate the Campaign Whose Settings You Wish to Edit

    Use the search tool to search by name.
  3. Click the Tools Button

    Click the the Tools button next to your new Campaign. This will reveal "Edit Settings".
  4. Select "Edit Settings"

    This will reveal a modal window which will allow you do several things.
  5. Change the Campaign Name

  6. Select a default subscriber list

    This is especially important if you are utilizing the API, however when you send you'll have an opportunity to use any of your existing Subscriber Lists.
  7. Select a default subscriber test list

    This is essential for enabling 1-click test sends.
  8. Enter a sender name

  9. Select a "From" address

    Click here to learn how to add a "From" address.
  10. Click "Save"