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Images: how to upload images

Uploading images is fast and easy.

  1. Go to Images Manager

    The Images Manager is here: Image Manager
  2. Choose Campaign

    Use the drop down navigation (top center) to switch between Campaigns. Choose the one that you want your images to upload to. You can move them to another campaign after they are uploaded.
  3. Click "Select image"

    You can select one or many images at once.
  4. Optional: Drag and drop images

    If you prefer, you can drag and drop images to the uploader as well.
  5. Click "Upload"

    The cue will be processed.
  6. About overwriting images

    You will be warned if you are about to overwrite an existing image and will have a chance to remove it from the cue.
  7. About max file size

    Currently the maximum file size for a single file is 10mb.