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Settings: how to add a from address

The "From" address is the email address used to let your subscribers know where their emails are coming from. It's important that the "From" address is verified because it decreases the likelihood that your email is perceived as Spam.

  1. Go to From address

    The From Address is here: From address.
  2. Enter From address

    Add the "From" address. This is case sensitive.
  3. Click "Verify"

    This will trigger Amazon to send you a verification email.
  4. Check your email

    You'll receive an email at the address your verifying. You should receive the email in just a few moments. Click the verification link. It looks like this:
  5. Refresh the page

    Refresh the "From" address page. Your new "From" address will show and be verified
  6. Next

    Now you can use this address to send emails.