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Subscribers: how to export a csv

Keeping your subscriber lists clean means more effective sending. Email services evaluate the quality of what you send based on how many of their users interact with your email. If lots of subscribers simply never open your email, your reputation will be downgraded. For this reason, Serious Email gives you a handy tool to eliminate the subscribers that just aren't responding.

  1. Go to your Subscribers Manager

    This is located here: Subscribers Manager
  2. Find the Subscriber List you want to export to CSV

    You can use the Campaign drop down to navigate to each of your Campaigns, or Unassigned (those that have not been assigned to a specific Campaign), or choose "Show All". Alternatively you can use the Search input to search by Subscriber List name.
  3. Click the Tools Button

    Once you've found the list you want to export, click the Tools button. The Tools button will reveal several options. One is "Export CSV".
  4. Select "Export CSV"

    Export CSV tells Serious Email to get all the subscribers and related data from the list you're working with and to generate a CSV. A download dialog will open fairly quickly. At that point all you have to do is save it to your hard drive.