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Admin: how to mass manage users

The User Manager offers the ability manage users one at a time or - via the use of CSVS - to manage all of your users all at once. If you have more than an handful of users, use this tool to make user management painless. Using CSVs you can manage group access or edit user information such as email addresses and profile images. You can also add custom attributes such as landing page links and phone numbers. You can add any information you'd like. Any user information you include can in turn be used to Mass Clone custom templates. To learn more about Mass Cloning - click here: How to mass clone a template. To learn more about Mass User Management, read on.

Visit the User Management Tool
  1. Export Existing Users

    Click the "Export CSV" button at the top right of your screen. This will create a CSV of all your users that you can then edit and import.
  2. Edit the CSV

    Edit the CSV as needed. You can add new users here too.
  3. Import CSV

    Once you've edited the CSV to your liking, click the Import CSV button to begin the import. This will take you to the CSV Import Tool for Users.
  4. Click "Select CSV"

    Locate the newly edited file and import it. In a matter of seconds you'll have updated all your users.