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Reporting: how to export a csv

Exporting a CSV of your Serious Email analytics is easy. The CSV the is generated will include all user activity associated with the particular send or even an entire campaign.

  1. Select a report

    Your reports can all be found by clicking the "Reporting" button in the main navigation. A list of all your reports will appear and will be sorted by the most recently generated.
  2. Click "Export as CSV"

    The "Export as CSV" button is at the top right of your page.
  3. Wait a sec

    There will be few seconds pause while the CSV is generated.
  4. Save it

    Save it to your computer.
  5. Next

    The CSV will contain all the detailed statistics of how users interacted with your Send or Campaign. This may be useful if you are looking for particular trends and want to generate your own custom analysis of the data.