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Images: how to move images

Move images when you want to keep your image assets organized by Campaign.

  1. Go to Images Manager

    The Images Manager is here: Images Manager
  2. Choose Campaign

    Use the drop down navigation (top center) to switch between Campaigns. Choose the one that includes the images you'd like to move.
  3. Select image(s)"

    You can select one or many images at once. You can select them one-at-a-time or by clicking the "check" button (top right). A drop-down menu will appear that will show all your campaigns.
  4. Select the target Campaign

    Use the newly revealed drop down nav (top center) to choose the Campaign you'd like to move the selected images to.
  5. Click "MOVE"

    The "MOVE" button will be highlighted in green. Clicking it will move the images to the target Campaign.