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Templates: how to search and replace in multiple templates

The Template Manager offers the ability to Search & Replace strings in your HTML. This is a convenient way to make simple changes to multiple templates.

Click to visit the Templates Manager Templates Manager.

  1. Select one or more templates

    Selecting a single template or multiple templates reveals the search button.
  2. Click the Search button

    Clicking the Search button will open a modal window with two inputs. The first input invites you to enter what you're searching for and the second input is for what you want to replace it with.
  3. Click Search & Replace All

    This will trigger Serious Email to scan the HTML for each template you selected. If it finds a match, it will replace it with whatever you indicated.
  4. A Note on Search & Replace

    There is no UNDO for this so please make sure you've input what you want. Of course, if you do make a mistake you can simply search for the mistake and replace that.