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Templates: how to mass clone a template

The Template Manager offers the ability to Clone existing templates and Mass Clone them as well. Mass Cloning is for when you have to make a lot of copies of an email template for your users and populate it with custom content as well. You can make thousands of unique email templates in seconds or just a few. Either way, it beats hand editing code.

Mass cloning is easy, but to get the full benefit of it you may want to give your users custom attributes. Custom attributes could then be used to populate your template with custom content. If you want to automatically insert information, such as your user's profile image or display name, you can do that without adding custom attributes. However, if you want to include unique information such as a user's phone number or maybe a landing page URL, then you should first import this information via our User management tools. Click here to learn how: How to add custom attributes to users.

  1. Add tags for automatic replacement

    Using the code editor you can add user attributes in double curly brackets - example: {{display_name}} - that will automatically get replaced with your user's information.

    Note: Don't leave spaces between the curly brackets and your attribute name.

    Other default attributes you can use are: user_name, display_name, first_name, last_name, email and user_image.

    Click here, if you'd like to learn how to automatically insert other custom attributes: How to add custom attributes to users.
  2. Click the Mass Cloner button

    Using the Templates Manager, click the "Mass Cloner" button next to the template you want to clone. Clicking the Mass Clone button will take you a page where you can confirm template settings and select the user(s) you want to clone templates for.
  3. Confirm Template Information

    Review the template information. Is the subject line set? Since you are about to clone this template, you may want to set beforehand. The cloning process will also replicate the title and preheader. Make sure everything is the way you'd like it.
  4. Select Users

    Select just a few users or use the checkbox to select all your users for this group.
  5. Select Campaign

    By default the cloned templates will be copied to the Campaign from which they came, but if you'd like to put them elsewhere you can do that here.
  6. Click "Clone Now"

    You will get a confirmation message at the top of your screen when the process is complete.