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Subscribers: how to assign subscriber lists to a campaign

Assign (or move) Subscribers Lists when you want to keep them organized by Campaign.

  1. Go to your Subscribers Manager

    This is located here: Subscribers Manager
  2. Find the Subscriber List you wish to move

    You can use the Campaign drop down to navigate to each of your Campaigns, or Unassigned (those that have not been assigned to a specific Campaign), or choose "Show All". Alternatively you can use the Search input to search by Subscriber List name.
  3. Click the "Select" button

    The "Select" button is the button with a check mark in it. You can select one or multiple lists. You can select all lists on the page by clicking the select button at the top right. Either way, this will reveal a Campaign drop-down.
  4. Select the target Campaign

    Use the newly revealed drop down nav (top center) to choose the Campaign you'd like to move the selected Subscriber List to.
  5. Click "MOVE"

    The "MOVE" button will be highlighted in green. Clicking it will move the List to the target Campaign.