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Templates: template manager overview

The Template Manger is the heart of all your HTML email content. It's a container for powerful tools that help everyone on your team create, manage and send HTML emails. Below is an overview of some of what is possible here.

Click to visit the Templates Manager Templates Manager.

  • Cloning

    Developers know that the most efficient way to start a new project is to copy and old one. That's what the Clone button does, but instead of it taking a huge amount of time to find old files or get them from other devs, the Clone button takes care of this common task in a split second.
  • Exporting HTML

    Selecting a single template or multiple templates reveals a zip button. Clicking the zip button will generate a zip of each template selected - including an images folder for all related images. It also parses the HTML and changes absolute paths to relative ones. This is extremely useful when you need to share HTML.
  • Search and Replace

    Selecting a single template or multiple templates reveals a search button. Clicking the search button will open a modal window that will allow you to input something you want to search for and what you want to replace it with. This is a very powerful tool for making rapid changes across lots of templates. The changes are made to the database and cannot be undone.
  • Test Sends

    HTML emails need to be tested frequently. The most useful test to ensure the look and feel as well as interactivity is to send yourself a copy of the email. With just a few steps you can set up a subscriber list of all your personal addresses and identify it as your test list (see Campaign Settings in your Campaigns Manager). Once set up, a click of the test button will send you your email.
  • Final Sends

    The Send button links to the Send Manager. The Send manager is a powerful tool that is described in a separate document.
  • Campaign Navigation

    Your templates are sorted into the Campaigns they belong to. To navigate between Campaigns you use the drop-down. The drop-down indicates the Campaign name as well as how many Templates are associated with it.
  • Moving a Template

    Selecting a single template or clicking the check mark (top right) to select all, will reveal various tools. One of which is another drop down that allows you to select a Campaign that you want to move a template to.
  • Browser Preview

    The "Browser preview" button links to a page listing links to all of your templates. Clicking any of these links will show a browser preview of the template. It show a sampling of dynamic content too, if the template utilizes dynamic content. This is use for two things. One is to share with your team and the second is to confirm your dynamic content coding (Java Script) is working as you intended.
  • Settings

    The Settings button opens a modal window that give you the ability to share your with others, change ownership and set defaults such as Subject lines and dynamic Preheaders, and the option to Suppress Tracking.