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Subscribers: how to share a list across groups

If your account includes multiple Groups you may want to share Subscriber Lists between them. Here's how:

  1. Go to your Subscribers Manager

    This is located here: Subscribers Manager
  2. Find the Subscriber List you want to share

    You can use the Campaign drop down to navigate to each of your Campaigns, or Unassigned (those that have not been assigned to a specific Campaign), or choose "Show All". Alternatively you can use the Search input to search by Subscriber List name.
  3. Click the Tools Button

    Once you've found the list you want to export, click the Tools button. The Tools button will reveal several options. One is "Edit Settings".
  4. Select "Edit Settings"

    This will reveal a modal window which will allow you do several things. One of which is selecting one or more Groups to share your list with.
  5. Click the "Group Availability" Input

    This will reveal a drop-down of Groups that you have access to. Click on the Groups your want to share your subscriber list with.
  6. Click "Save"

    Now when you visit the Groups you selected, your Subscriber list will be available there too.