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Campaigns: how to create a campaign

Campaigns are a simple container. A Campaign usually includes images, subscriber lists, templates, reports and default settings. Creating a Campaign and establishing it's settings is easy.

  1. Go to your Campaigns Manager

    This is located here: Campaigns Manager
  2. Type in new Campaign Name

    At the top right is an input and a yellow button. Type in the new Campaign's name.
  3. Click the Button

    This button is right next to the Campaign Name input. Clicking it will immediately create a new Campaign.
  4. Click the Tools Button

    Click the the Tools button next to your new Campaign. This will reveal "Edit Settings".
  5. Select "Edit Settings"

    This will reveal a modal window which will allow you do several things. To learn more about these options click here: How to edit Campaign Settings.
  6. Click "Save"

    Now you can use this Campaign.