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Sending: how to send overview

Sending is simple, but there are options that you can utilize to maximize your return. This document is an overview of how to send.

This tutorial assumes you have already imported a subscriber list. If not, you can learn how here: How to import subscribers.

This tutorial assumes you have already added a "From" address. If not, you can learn how here: How to add a from address.

The Send window can be opened from the Templates Manager.

  • Campaign

    When you click the send button for a template the campaign and template information is loaded. However, the send window is flexible and allows you to select other Campaigns (if available). When you select a different Campaign, the templates and other information related to it are loaded instead.
  • Template

    The first Template is labeled Template A. This becomes important if you are doing A/B testing. For now, let's assume you are not. If you wanted to select a different template you can do so via the Template drop down. Any other templates avaialble to you for this particular camapaign will be avaialable here. Additionally, you'll notice an input called "weight". When A/B testing weight is more of factor, but when sending just one template, the weight has to be 100% - meaning, the template will be sent to 100% of your subscriber list.
  • Email Subject

    If this is your first send, the Email Subject will be populated with the default subject you had indicated in the Template's settings. Subsequent sends will attempts to load the email subject of the prior send.
  • Preheader

    The Preheader input gives you a conviennient means to enter a dynamically placed preheader. This preheader won't show in the HTML email, but will be interpreted by email clients and be shown in any email previews as an indication to the end user as to what your email is about. You should only use this if you haven't already, manually added a preheader.
  • From name

    The From name indicates to the end user who this email is from. For many, it is a creative opportunity and can be used to entice the subscriber to open your email. Emojis are acceptable, but it is recomended you test first.
  • A/B Testing

    The send window will show the template you selected as Template A and will assign a weight of 100% to it. This means that you are sending 1 template to 100% of your subscriber list. This becomes more important when and if you decided to utilize A/B testing. By clicking the + A/B button, you can add up to 26 alternate templates. A weight will automatically be assigned to each new template you add, but you can manually change the weight if you like.
  • From email

    Any "From" emails that you've confirmed will be avaialable to you in this drop-down.
  • Subscriber list

    Any Subscriber lists that you own or are shared with your will be available in this drop-down.
  • Segmenting

    Serious Email keeps and ongoing record of your subscribers and gives them a score based on how much they interact with emails you've sent them prior. You can use this information to send to only certain segments of your subscribers. For intance, you may wish to send an email out to your least engaged subscribers in hopes of sparking their interest.
  • Supress Tracking

    If you are testing, you may not want the interactions skewing you reports. Check the "Suppress tracking?" checkbox to prevent tracking.
  • Scheduled send

    Check the "Schedule send" check box to open calendar and time settings enabling you to schedule sends for a future date.
  • Send Email

    When you've made your choice, clicking the "Send Email" button will trigger Serious Email to confirm that everything required is set. If so, a dialog box asking you to confirm will display. On confirmation, the information will be stored and the email will be sent.