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Code Editor: key board short cuts

The Code Editor is for HTML email developers to write raw code and includes keyboard short-cuts to make your job easier.

Click to visit the Templates Manager Templates Manager.

Create a new Template or click the "Code" button on an existing one. To create a new template in the code editor please click the "+" button at the top right of the Templates Manager.

  • Undo

    Ctrl+Z (PC), Cmd+Z (Mac) will undo.
  • Redo

    Ctrl+Y (PC), Cmd+Y (Mac) will redo.
  • Save

    Ctrl+S (PC), Cmd+S (Mac) will save.
  • Search & Replace

    Shift+Ctrl+F (PC), Cmd+Alt+F (Mac) will open a Search & Replace input.
  • Search

    Ctrl+F (PC), Cmd+F (Mac) will open a search input.
  • Select All

    Ctrl+A (PC), Cmd+A (Mac) will select all.