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Visual Editor: visual editor overview

The Visual Editor is for anyone. No HTML savvy required. It's a WYSIWYG, but it's so much more because it allows your developer to give you exactly what you need to communicate to your clients, but also stay true to your brand. It's let's you make an HTML email template incredibly flexible or extremely limited - for when you want to ensure only small chunks of content can be changed.

To learn more about creating custom templates for the Visual Editor, start here: How to make html elements editable.

The Visual Editor can be opened for an existing template. Visit the Templates Manager and open an existing template by clicking the "Visual Editor" button.

  • The Power of Modules

    The Visual Editor uses modules to enable you to duplicate, delete or move chunks of pre-tested HTML. This means that an HTML email can be created in minutes rather than hours and days. It means that you can extract maximum value from your HTML developers by letting them create custom Modules that can be leveraged indefinitely.

    Any text can be editable - or not - it's up to you. Once a block of text is made editable you can edit it directly or make more complex changes via a WYSIWYG.
  • Change Images Instantly

    Any image can be changed by clicking on it.
  • Link Checker

    Confirm your links are good.
  • Test Your Work

    Send yourself (and/or your team) a test with a click of a button. Not only to you get to experience the email first hand in the same way your subscribers will, but you can easily find out if it's likely to go to Spam.
  • Desktop and Mobile Preview

    Switch between mobile and desktop views with the click of button.
  • Automatic Conversion of Special Characters

    Email clients are often senstive to special characters. Serious Email automatically converts the most widely used special characters, such as registration marks, to HTML entities.